Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Tidbit - Creative Grid Rulers Video Support

Creative Grids Rulers and The Quilt Asylum were "born" around the same time, and we have stocked CG rulers from the very beginning.

What makes CG rulers different from all the rest?  First, each ruler has specially built-in gripper dots to minimize slippage on fabric.  Second, each ruler is marked with easy-to-read black and white markings.  Let me tell you, once you start wearing bifocals, these easy-to-read lines are a bonus!  Third, each basic square and rectangle ruler has the Turn-A-Round feature - turn one way to utilize the 1/2" markings for 1/2" cutting.  Turn the other way to cut whole inches or 1/4" or 1/8" increments.

Here's the video for the basic 6-1/2" square ruler which discusses all these features.

Do you see the scan tag in the upper left hand corner of this ruler?
Checker now prints a Microsoft Tag on each ruler so you can scan it with your iPhone ir iPad to watch a video demonstrating how to use the ruler.   You can get this free mobile app at  Some of the older stock of CG rulers have this tag on the printed instructions for specialty rulers, but now all of the newly manufactured rulers have the tag printed directly on the ruler surface!  This is great if you just can't remember exactly how to use a particular tool. 

If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, you can visit the Creative Grids website at: to view the videos. You can also print instructions for any ruler and see quilts made with them.  Simply select 'Find Products" from the homepage, and search for your particular ruler.

Julie Herman (of Jaybird Quilts) has begun designing patterns to use with the Lazy Angle Ruler as well as her new Hex N More Ruler, both manufactured by Creative Grids.  Julie is now including scan tags on her patterns which link to tutorials on her blog!  So now you have instructional support for not only the ruler, but for the pattern as well!

I think it's great that technology that was once intended for personal communication is now being used to assist me in a craft that I love!

Monday, September 10, 2012

One Week, One Thing - September 10

Did you miss me last week?  With the holiday weekend and the beginning of Quilt Across Texas, I didn't have much to share.

This week wasn't much better; I've been scattered with obligations nearly every night last week.

I did finish the Marti Michell Mini Dresden top, and it is loaded on my longarm.  Normally, I do a quick all-over design for shop samples, but this top was screaming at me that it needs custom quilting.  So, it's taking me a little bit longer to finish than normal.  Here's a sneak peek....

With the longer shop hours for QAT, I find that I'm more tired in the evening and spending my time in my chair watching TV with my husband.  I finished a round of borders on my 1/2" hexagon top.  I've been working on this for several years; I'll put a burst of work into it and then put it away for awhile.  It's time to set this aside for now (I'm deathly sick of it, but I'll like it again in a few months).  I think I'll go one more round and then call it done.  It's about lap-sized now.

I also dug out an old EPP UFO and picked it back up again.  The pattern is called Patchwork of the Crosses and I couldn't remember how far along I had gotten. Imagine my surprise when I realized that it was more than halfway finished!  There are 12 focus blocks; I had 9 made and have completed #10 and #11 this week.  This one is also more than 3 years old!
Of course, I had to start something new this week!  I taught my first Folded Circle Centerpiece class this past week, so I started on another sample so that I could demonstrate during class.  Here's rounds 1-7 using Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt.  Four more rounds of triangles remain.

My goal for this upcoming week is to complete the quilting and binding on the Mini Dresden quilt.  My husband is traveling for work this week, so who knows what else I'll get done?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Tidbit - Binding a Quilt

It's a holiday week, so I'm resurrecting an oldie-but-goodie for this week's Thursday Tidbit.

Did you know that there is a step-by-step photo/instructional tutorial for binding our our site?

Here's the link:  Binding Your Quilt.  It will explain everything from how to measure to determine how much fabric you'll need, to cutting and joining the strips, to attaching the binding to your quilt by machine.  Binding is easy once you get the hang of it!

Do you have an idea for a Tidbit Topic?  I'm running out of things to say, and I'd love your input!  I do this for YOU, so it makes sense to ask you what you'd like to see in future posts.  Just leave me a comment and I'll put it on my list!