Friday, December 24, 2010

Looking Ahead to 2011 - Part 3

Welcome to our 3rd installment of Looking Ahead to 2011!

How many of you have heard of Quilts of Valor?  This is a national program whose mission is to cover all our service men and women touched by war with donated quilts.  You can read all about this fabulous organization here

Marianne Fons (of Fons and Porter fame) became interested in working with the Quilts of Valor foundation and has succeeded on two fronts:  1) She convinced 9 different fabric companies to create American Valor fabric collections specifically benefitting QOV, and 2) She created the "Under Our Wings" program to pair an experienced quilter with a "rookie" quilter to make and donate a quilt to Quilts of Valor.

The American Valor fabrics will begin shipping in March, 2011.  We have purchased two of the collections:  one by Timeless Treasures and the other by Pat Sloan for P&B Fabrics.

The "Under Our Wings" program is really pretty cool.  We haven't worked out ALL the details just yet, but the basic premise is for an experienced quilter ("Coach") to be paired with someone who has not made a quilt before ("Rookie").  The Coach brings her sewing machine and tools.  The Rookie buys a quilt kit.  The Coach teaches the Rookie how to sew a 1/4" seam.  The Coach does all the cutting, pinning, and pressing - while demonstrating each step to the Rookie.  The Rookie pieces simple patchwork blocks.  Rookies have a great first-time quiltmaking experience under the protective wing of an avid quilter.  The best part is that our military personnel benefit from this partnership!  The QOV Foundation even has a list of longarm quilters who will dontate their time to complete the quilt.  Isn't that great???

We will begin having QOV/Under Our Wings workshops beginning in April once the fabric arrives.  Until then, think about becoming a Coach.  Talk it up among your friends.  Surely you know someone who would like to serve their country by sewing a quilt?

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I can be a coach.
Peggy Keirstead