Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New! Shannon Cuddle Fabric and Kits

We have finally jumped on the Shannon Cuddle bandwagon here at the store.  I've always loved how soft it is, but there's so much selection that I couldn't decide which colors or styles to begin with.  Shannon Fabrics made that decision easy for me by packaging pre-cut kits!

The first type of kits are the strip kits.  There are two sizes; the Throw quilt size finishes at approximately 48"x58" and includes (11) 5"x58" pre-cut strips.  The Lap quilt size finishes at approximately 58"x72" and includes (17) 5"x58" pre-cut strips.  You will need to purchase batting, backing and binding separately.  With the "throw" size, the strips are placed vertically on the quilt.   On the "quilt" size, the strips run horizontally on the quilt.

We have several varieties of the Throw-sized quilt kits available:  Mocha Blue, Mocha Pink, Owls (Orange & Brown), and Tiffany (Red & Aqua).   You will also need to purchcase 1-3/4 yards of Cuddle for the backing and binding.

We also have a variety of Lap-sized quilt kits available:  Black & Red, Animal Print, Olive & Brown, and Raspberry Chocolate.  You will need to purchase 2-1/2 yards of Cuddle for the backing and binding.
Many of you have told me that you are a little bit leery of sewing on Cuddle or Minky because it's stretchy.  Here's a great how-to video that makes sewing these kits a breeze.
After you sew your row-by-row quilt, then you have to bind it.  Here's another great video on using the Cuddle Cloth for binding.
That wasn't so scary, was it?

We also have the Cuddle Critter kits in stock - these are adorable stuffed animals paired with 2 squares of coordinating Cuddle Cloth.  You can make a blankie for the animal out of the 2 squares, or you can do some "surgery" on the animal and create a one-of-a-kind blankie with the head of the critter on one end and the feet on the other.  What an adorable luvvie for a young one to carry around!  There's even a video on how to do this if the written instructions in the kit aren't clear to you.
We currently have all the critters in stock:  Penelope the Pig, Poochie the Puppy, Enzo the Elephant, Maddy the Monkey, Fergie the Frog, Bailey the Bear and Darla the Duck.  As you can see in the video, you can create a Critter Blanket from any stuffed animal including Ty Beanie Babies.

Are you ready to cuddle up with a Cuddle Kit?


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