Friday, December 9, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas - **MUST READ**

It has come to our attention that there may be some confusion over ordering our 12 Days of Christmas deals online.

We DO NOT have visibility to “wish lists” in our online store.  If you have been placing daily deals in a “wish list” basket to submit to us at a later date, we HAVE NOT received your requests.  You must complete your daily deal request through the complete checkout process in order for us to know that you wish to receive these items. 

If you have a “wish list” stored online, please process it TODAY.  We will do our best to honor your daily deal requests, but some of our items are of limited quantity.  If you wish to participate in future 12 Days of Christmas daily deals, you must complete each order online daily or simply respond back to to get the deal.  If you have submitted at least one order with a credit card number, you can use the “Call Me” payment method on future 12 Days of Christmas orders so that you don’t have to dig out your credit card each day.

We are not processing credit cards until late Wednesday, December 14th or early Thursday, December 15.  We will only process payment ONCE for all the items in your bag.  If you are picking your bag up in the store, disregard the shipping charges on your online order.  You, of course, will not be billed for those.  If we are shipping your bag to you, we will only charge you for the necessary postage to send your bag to you – it will not be an accumulated total of shipping charges on all your orders.

We want this to be fun for you, and we want to make sure all of you who want to participate have the ability to do so.  Again, we sincerely apologize if there has been any confusion.

Until tomorrow’s deal-

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