Monday, September 10, 2012

One Week, One Thing - September 10

Did you miss me last week?  With the holiday weekend and the beginning of Quilt Across Texas, I didn't have much to share.

This week wasn't much better; I've been scattered with obligations nearly every night last week.

I did finish the Marti Michell Mini Dresden top, and it is loaded on my longarm.  Normally, I do a quick all-over design for shop samples, but this top was screaming at me that it needs custom quilting.  So, it's taking me a little bit longer to finish than normal.  Here's a sneak peek....

With the longer shop hours for QAT, I find that I'm more tired in the evening and spending my time in my chair watching TV with my husband.  I finished a round of borders on my 1/2" hexagon top.  I've been working on this for several years; I'll put a burst of work into it and then put it away for awhile.  It's time to set this aside for now (I'm deathly sick of it, but I'll like it again in a few months).  I think I'll go one more round and then call it done.  It's about lap-sized now.

I also dug out an old EPP UFO and picked it back up again.  The pattern is called Patchwork of the Crosses and I couldn't remember how far along I had gotten. Imagine my surprise when I realized that it was more than halfway finished!  There are 12 focus blocks; I had 9 made and have completed #10 and #11 this week.  This one is also more than 3 years old!
Of course, I had to start something new this week!  I taught my first Folded Circle Centerpiece class this past week, so I started on another sample so that I could demonstrate during class.  Here's rounds 1-7 using Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt.  Four more rounds of triangles remain.

My goal for this upcoming week is to complete the quilting and binding on the Mini Dresden quilt.  My husband is traveling for work this week, so who knows what else I'll get done?

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