Monday, February 27, 2012

One Week, One Thing - February 27

Okay.  So we're approaching the end of the second month of doing this One Week, One Thing journey.  Is ANYBODY (besides Lori) still in this with me? 

It's okay if you're not.  I won't tell.  But I kinda like it.  Since I am trying to be more DELIBERATE with my time this year, this pledge along with my Photo365 app has kept me focused and on track.  And being focused and on track is never a bad thing, especially for me.

This week was a rough one.  It was really crazy at work (Fat Tuesday, anybody?) and I was flat-out tired.  There were 3 days this past week where I didn't even pick up a needle or touch a piece of fabric.  That's the first time this year that I haven't done SOMETHING each day.  I feel kinda guilty about it, but it is what it is.  I need to get over it.  A giant nap yesterday just could not be avoided.

I did get the binding made for Amish With a Twist.  So as soon as I get it back from the quilter, I'm ready to roll.
I also made a sample quilt top using our new Papillon fabrics from Moda.  This will be a kit in the store as soon as we can cut up the fabrics.
The colors are much better in person; this photo was taken with my phone!

My goal for this week is to bind the Amish With A Twist if I get it back, and to quilt and bind the Papillon sample.


Ellyn said...

I'm still in! Honestly I've been finishing up more than one thing each week (can you say "housework avoidance"?) This week has started out with a very sick kid and although I am stuck home, when I am worried about her I don't get much accomplished... we shall see

Lori said...

Of course I'm still in! :) This week I need to put binding on one of my swap items. And I need to quilt and bind a second swap item.

quilterkelly said...

Well, I didn't start the year off with One Week, One Thing in mind, but the more I see all that y'all are getting done, it's stirring me to step up to the challenge. So, today, I've pieced a backing, and pinned backing, batting and top onto the long arm and as soon as I get supper in the oven, I'm gonna quilt until bedtime. Wish me luck!

Trae said...

I'm still in - just been out of town and work has been...well,, I don't always get my 'one things' posted here.

My Ticker Tape blocks are my one thing for this week...