Monday, February 6, 2012

One Week, One Thing - February 6

I'm still at it!

This past week, I continued to work on the Amish With a Twist sample.  I did get the center complete and the piano key border attached.
Now to work on the applique bordrers.  The lesson in the pattern uses a freezer paper and starch method for applique; I have chosen to machine applique using Wash-Away Applique sheets.  I glued down the seam allowances during the Super Bowl.
I've also continued to peck away at my Double Diamonds EPP project.  I've now got one half put together.  It still needs half and quarter blocks to complete the bottom edge, but it's getting there!
I have several meetings during the evenings this week, so my sewing time will be limited.  My goal for the upcoming week is to make serious headway on the applique borders on the Amish With a Twist top.

What did you do this past week?


Trae said...

I got my Marti and Me table runner started - hope to finish the top today. I also sorted through the scraps that I 'gleaned' from your Liberated Piecing class. So far, I have pulled a jelly roll's worth of strips and have cut some HUGE chunks down into a couple dozen 5 inch squares to add to my stash. 3 inch squares are next...

Oh, I also finished my pincushion for the swap...looking forward to that next week!

My 'one thing' project for last week was to get my Ticker Tape blocks complete for Bring N Brag - DONE! Oh, I needed some grey fabric for a few projects in waiting as well as my stash. I found some in the sale bolts at the back - great selection of fabrics back there! Ronnie was my enabler on that task - a good helper indeed!

My 'one thing' for this week is to get the top of my Marti and Me table runner complete. I would also like to get the lap quilt top using my crumb blocks complete...fingers crossed!

Thanks for this challenge! I have been cutting down and clearing away pretty much every day after I sew. THAT is a miracle!

Lori said...

I finished my quilt for my niece this past week, which was a huge project!

Now for next week ....
1. I need to finish my 2 ticker tape blocks for this month

2. I need to design a quilt and choose fabrics for my nephew's quilt.

3. I need to finish three blocks for some flickr bee's that I am a part of.

4. I am going to try to learn how to foundation paper piece this week. I am in a swap on flickr and I really want to do a certain project for my partner but it requires paper piecing. EEEKKKK! Wish me luck, this could be rough!

So, I realize that's more than one thing but most of them are small projects so here goes nothin'!