Monday, April 23, 2012

One Week, One Thing - April 23

We've completed our 16th week of 2012, and I am proud of myself for actually keeping up with these posts!

This past week was slow going because there was a good bit of handwork involved.  I am working on the sample for our next BOM - Vintage Rouge

This past week's progress:

1.  I cut out all the blocks for the center of the quilt.  I handed out 3 of the installments to friends for sewing help.  Those blocks have all been returned to me, ready to piece into the quilt.

2.  I English Paper Pieced the large Dresden Plate for the center of the quilt.

It still needs to be appliqued onto the center block.

3.  I completed 3 of the 4 small Dresden Plate blocks for the body of the quilt.  The 4th will be done this week.

The beauty of these Dresden Plates (as well as other blocks you will see later) is that they utilize a PRINTED STRIPE for design effect!  Each of the blades of the dresdens appear to have a seam of red/white fabrics down the middle of it.  Nope!  It's the stripe!  Each blade is a single piece of fabric!  This stripe is also used in the quilt to create faux half square triangles.  Looks hard - sews easy!

What happens when you're trying to sew and your cat decides that he must be petted RIGHT NOW?
You get a face full of Willie!  You gotta love our furry friends....even if they make progress go much slower!

This week, I intend to finish the Dresdens and sew the center of the quilt together.  Then I'll get to tackle those appliqued borders!

So, what did you do this week?  Trae - I expect a full report!

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Lori said...

This week I finished two baby quilts and quilted a third. I also started some EPP that will eventually be a pillow cover!