Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Tidbit - Fusible Applique Hint

If you are using a fusible web product for applique (such as Wonder Under, Steam-A-Seam, etc.), you have to peel the paper off the back before fusing the shape onto a background.  Sometimes getting that paper off can be a challenge!  This hint works with ANY fusible product that has a paper backing.

You don't want to attempt to peel the paper off from the edge of the shape.  Usually this will only frustrate you and you will end up fraying the edges of your shape.  That's not pretty!

Pick up your shape and score the paper backing with a pin.  I am using a leaf shape for this example.

Make the score big enough so that you can grab the paper from the center of the shape.

Pull off the paper from the center to the edge.
When you get to the edge of the shape, if you can continue peeling the remainder of the paper in one step, go ahead and do that.  If the piece you are peeling to the edge tears completely off the shape, grab a second edge of the backing paper (away from the edge) and peel the rest of it off.  The trick is to peel from the center toward the edges, thus minimizing fraying.
Here's the leaf (from the backside) with the paper removed, showing the fusible.
Here's the leaf from the right side. There's just a few tiny threads that need to be clipped off, but no major fraying of the shape.

You are now able to iron the applique on your background and stitch it down however you'd like!

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lorna holley said...

Well for Pete's sake, why have I never thought of that?? Thanks!!