Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Tidbit - Sewing Machine Maintenance

Question:  How often do you change your sewing machine needle?
Answer:    "When it breaks" is not an acceptable answer!

Did you know that you should change your needle every 4-8 hours of sewing?  How often do you oil it?  What about cleaning out the thread lint?

There is a fabulous article from Threads Magazine that will walk you through basic preventive maintenance for your sewing machine.  Your sewing machine is your number one tool for sewing and quilting, and getting into the habit of a little TLC will keep it running in good shape for many years.

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Trae said...

Great article! I am just now getting into a good habit of covering my machine when not in use. I change my needles some but not near THAT often...must do better!

I will clean with the muslin etc. before I start sewing this weekend...I will have to pick up some machine oil, too.

Thanks for posting this link!