Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TQA May Days Event - Final Day!

It’s our final day (Day 8) of our May Days event at The Quilt Asylum!

Today’s Deal is:  Dritz Medium Sewing Basket
Regular price:  $20.00      Today’s Price:  $15.00

With all the notions and doodads that we quilters collect, nothing’s better than have a cute sewing basket to put them all in!  These baskets are great for sewing on the go, or for having one tidy place to keep our handwork projects.  We were able to make a special purchase of these cloth-covered baskets, which measure 11-1/2” x 6-3/4” x 6-3/4”.  We received an assortment of colors/fabrics; we’ll choose one for you!

This Daily Deal is only good for today, May 9, 2012.
  •    If you would like for us to put one of these items in your gift bag, you can send us an e-mail, call us at 972.562-2686, or order it online and we will hold it for you.  You must provide a credit card number with the first item you select – we will hold all your information and bill you once on the 10h.  If you choose to place your order online, you must complete the process and SUBMIT your order; don’t place it in the “Wish List”.  A “Wish List” is not sent to us and we cannot see what’s in your basket.  You may miss out on a deal by using that feature of our webstore.
  • You do not have to purchase the deal each day; you choose only those items you’d like to have, but each deal will ONLY be offered for one day.  Available quantities are limited, and if you snooze, you may lose!  

  • On May 10, you can come in and pick up all your goodies packaged in a gift bag!  Or better yet, send your family to pick it up so that you can be “surprised” by their thoughtful and useful gifts!  All online orders will be shipped on the 10th as well.
  • Our May Days promotion will run May 1 – 9, skipping Sunday the 6th.  There will be 8 great items offered, with a new item offered each day.

We hope you have enjoyed participating on our May Days event.  We wish all of our friends the happiest of Mother’s Days!


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