Monday, July 2, 2012

One Week, One Thing - July 2

I've got a Market Review hangover.

Not a REAL hangover (we didn't drink alcohol and hang from the ceiling yesterday), but an "I'm pooped" type of hangover.  It was fun and we had a great time, but  I only have 1 thing I HAVE to make in July, and that may be the extent of work-type sewing for a while.

To round up my Market Review samples, last week I quilted my twilling sample.
and I made a bag/purse.

I'm so excited about the 4th being on a Wednesday; since Thursday is my regular day off, I get TWO (!!!!) days off in a row!  I think the studio needs some love, attention, and a broom.
The cutting surface is becoming awfully small......


Ellyn said...

loved all the things you showed at Market Review, I especially look forward to learning twilling! Thanks for all you do

Vicky said...

Ellyn, Twilling is fun! You will like it!

lorna holley said...

I want to learn twilling too! With a name like that, it just has to be fun ! And Susan, I think you deserve an attempt on a "real" hangover after all your work. Hope you make time for at least a glass of wine :D