Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Tidbit - Easy Placemats

Do you have messy eaters in your house?  Do you like to dress up your table for special occasions?  Placemats are a quick and easy way to use bits of interesting fabric, protect your table, or turn everyday meals into a festive happening.

We've discovered a new product that makes making placemats a snap using a quilt-as-you-go process - the Placemat Craft Pack by Bosal Products.
Each pack contains 4 placemat "forms" made of Craf-Tex Plus Double-Sided Fusible interfacing.  These forms are fusible on both sides, and have the texture and thickness of Timtex or Fast2Fuse.  I made this set of 4 placemats (before binding) using 2-1/2" strips in about an hour and a half.  I ironed (fused) backing fabric to the back of each placemat, and then sewed strips through all layers in a flip and sew, quilt-as-you-go manner from the center out to the edges.  Easy peasy!  The placemats finish at 13"x18".

I like the weight and feel of the finished placemat.  There's a little bit more sturdyness and body than just a quilted placemat.  The placemats are machine washable, but it is suggested that you dry them flat.

We are offering a free Quilt As You Go placemat pattern with the purchase of a Placemat Craft Pack.  The holiday season is approaching, and placemats make a great gift!

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Veritable Movers in San Antonio information said...

My sister made me some of these for Christmas a few years ago, but she used oil cloth and used coordinating binding around the edges. One side is a bright floral and the other side is a two-toned repeating pattern. I LOVE them!