Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Tidbit - Sewing with Laminated Cottons

Did you know that we now sell Laminated Cottons?  What are laminated cottons?  They are regular quilt-shop quality fashion prints that have a vinyl coating applied to them.
What are they used for?  They are great for anything that you want to have a mild waterproof element - such as tote bags, cosmetic bags, raincoats, baby bibs, and some even put it on the back of picnic quilts so that the damp ground won't spoil your picnic.  The tote bag you see in the photo is very simple:  1/2 yard of laminated cotton for the outside, 1/2 yard of regular cotton for the inside, and 1 yard of webbing for the handles.  The pattern is The Vinyl and More Bag by Pieced Tree.

Is laminated cotton hard to sew with?  Not really.  There are a few adjustments you'll want to make.  First, you don't want to use pins with laminated cotton.  Once you poke a hole with a pin, it's there forever.  I suggest using Clover Wonder Clips when working with laminates.  You can use a vinyl or teflon foot to prevent sticking, or you can place a piece of transparent tape on the bottom of your sewing foot.  Of course, you'll need to poke or cut out the area where the needle goes through the foot!.

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There's also a comprehensive guide to working with laminates by Sew4Home on the web.  You may find it very helpful!
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The bottom line is that laminated cottons are nothing to be feared!  Enjoy adding a little bit of "shiny" to your next project!

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